Handbook of occupational health, safety & Environment

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About the book

Using this book as part of your course preparation and study could furnish your skills as an HSE Professional. How you use this book is entirely up to you however, we would definitely recommend that you use it as a revision aid as part of your formal course leading to the qualification. You will also find it useful as a source of reference in your workplace anywhere in the world. The content is based on recognised international best practice.
This book will provide useful practical information to control the risk from workplace hazards such as fire, manual handling, work equipment, hazardous substances and transport.


Case Studies

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Editor's Note

The book was written from an occupational health, Safety & Environment perspective.
Each Case Study of this collection offers a distinctive and in-depth description of causes, trends and industry/sector issues associated with reported injuries and fatalities. Our aim is to enhance your knowledge in monitoring and protecting the security of your organization. We ’re 100% focused on solving problems and making safety easier, improving knowledge of the causative factors and determining levels of baseline knowledge, awareness, attitudes and compliance.


Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands


Jeff Cooper

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