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Lone workers have to face the same risk hazards at work as anyone else, but there is greater vulnerability for loan workers of these hazards if things go wrong. To control the “Risks for Lone Worker” and to keep them healthy and safe is the responsibility of them who employs lone workers, or engages them.    Lone Workers Lone workers work

More than 60% of employees have found some aspects of their jobs to be different from what they had expected.  So, if you might be disappointed in the day-to-day differences in “Expectations And Realities” of your workplace management. EXPECTATION: The way you illustrate what happens around you!  REALITY: what happens around you! These two are not always in harmony

It is the right of all employees to have safety in the workplace. If you are going to crack ‘‘interview for safety jobs’’, strictly keep in mind, Safety professionals’ responsibilities are different, significant and strategic than those of any other professionals. They are responsible for planning, implementing and overseeing company's employee safety at work. Their main

Today, Workplaces are comparatively safe than that of centuries ago because of stress given on to avoid “General Safety Mistakes.”  This is due to the increased awareness in employers for workplace safety and the best interests of their employees. Also, the fact is that a safe workplace is a more profitable workplace. Keeping your workplace safe can

“Workplace fatalities and injuries” are the elementary challenges, HSE managers have to face while managing occupational health and safety.  About one million people get hurt at work daily, affecting economically, physically, and socially. Nearly 3 million workers die from occupational accidents and work-related diseases while about 400 million workers suffer from non-fatal workplace incidents. Poor workplace health

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