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Fred Stawitz

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Fred Stawitz

Health, Safety & Environment Specialist.

Health Safety & Environment Specialist, International Speaker & Award-Winning Author

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Hello, My name is Fred Stawitz.

I am a Health, Safety & Environment Specialist. I am an International Speaker & Award-Winning Author. I am helping businesses to create effective solutions by shaping a culture that engages employees in safe, productive, and sustainably profitable operations.

I have created and managed technical training programs for the US Space Shuttle Program, Shell/Bechtel energy venture, and large pipeline operations that maximize safety and productivity while ensuring regulatory compliance.

I am an international speaker on human factors in the workplace and disruptive, emergent digital technologies. Featured on CNN Headline News, a PBS special, and quoted in a Special Congressional Quarterly Report. Recipient of several prestigious awards including the Leadership 500 LEAD Award. Author of several highly praised and award-winning books.

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