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Ms. Priyanka

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Ms Priyanka

Ms. Priyanka

Founder & CEO

lives in: Hyderabad
education: B Tech | MBA

Priyanka is a B Tech Graduate & completed MBA from ICFAI , Hyderabad. Priyanka possesses inherent qualities of hard work, influential personality and unbridled enthusiasm. Her shrewdness made her touch the high ambitions of the promotions where she had worked. Priyanka enlists highly qualified top Global Entities to design and deliver the courses. Ken Institute is a venture, & administered by only women faculties. It is committed to carve most competitive, productive and skilled professionals from all dimensions. Being a Philanthropic in nature Priyanka always concerns about the miseries that a girl child suffers. She established NGO Solve It Together. It works to empower girls against sexual exploitation and for the education of deprived children.

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